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Assignment 3: Research Report

Purpose: Selecting the best candidate from a pool of potential applicants is often challenging and requires objectivity, patience and a strong understanding of suitable methods to best suit the context. In this task, students are required to identify and design the most appropriate selection methods to successfully fill a current role.

Assessment Brief: Using the ‘high standard’ job ad found for Assessment 2, students should develop a process for selection, using interview and at least one other method.

You are required to: 

Students will produce a 2000 word (+/- 10%) (Cover page, Table of content, reference list and appendices NOT included in the word count) report that identifies the most appropriate tools (discuss the most useful selection tools for this job, could be 4 or 5 or more tools!) to select a successful applicant for the nominated job (the good job from Ass 2). From the tools discussed above, students should then select and discuss in detail only two (2) of these tools, with one (1) being an interview.  Use theory and evidence pertaining to interviews and another tool to argue why and how you would use these. 

For example, for an initial interview, (using evidence/research to determine best practice and argue why) consider:

  • who would conduct (Company role? Would it be an individual or panel? Who would the panel comprise?)
  • how many candidates to be interviewed?
  • length of interview
  • interview questions (type, quantity)
  • how are candidates prepared/what information are they given?
  • How are they assessed?
  • What is undertaken to ensure the interviews are reliable, replicable, authentic, fair.

Include a copy of interview schedule as an appendix

Students should identify the various options available to select an appropriate candidate and develop a deeper understanding of the principles of conducting an interview as well as other selection tools.

Sample Essay


Hiring new employees will have a significant impact on the business. Not only do workers do a series of individual tasks, but they also cooperate and communicate with a number of persons both within and outside the firm. A new hire's primary task should be to contribute to the success of the team and firm. They must possess the essential talents and knowledge to carry out their responsibilities in a way that benefits the company.


  1. Interaction

A recruiter should be the first person to interact with a candidate. They are responsible for pre-screening applicants who look to be the most impressive on paper and for gaining an idea of the applicant's talents and general manner. They may inquire about the applicant's previous job history, their familiarity with the organization, and how former coworkers would describe them. Additionally, they may enquire about compensation and salary expectations to ensure prospects understand the firm and do not waste anyone's time.

Following a member of the recruiting team's prescreening of candidates, the potential employer should follow suit. They have a better awareness of the role criteria and team dynamics and can benefit from initiating contact with applicants prior to inviting them in for more in-depth examinations.

  1. Interview

The majority of firms have policies requiring them to interview many candidates for a post only to preserve an appearance of "fairness," even if the recruiting process was not.

A typical employer would interview between six and ten candidates for each post, and candidates will go through at least three rounds of interviews before receiving an offer. If the hiring manager is unable to find someone who fulfills their criteria within the first six to ten candidates, more interviews may be conducted.

Typically, the phone interview is the initial step in an employer's process, and it enables them to ask some basic questions to assess the essential qualifications and match with their organization. Certain applicants may advance only to the phone interview stage of the hiring process and will not be called to a second interview, which is also contingent on interview performance. Additionally, it may be assumed that an adequate number of persons should be interviewed in order to arrive at a choice regarding hiring and selecting a person.

As a workforce administration senior specialist, they must be able to grasp and respond to a series of inquiries. These questions were discovered to be connected to an administrative assistant's employment experience:

  1. Why are you applying for this position?
  2. What experiences do you have that would make you a strong candidate for the administrative assistant position?
  3. How do you work when you're worried or under duress?
  4. Are you a team player? Why? How is this so?
  5. What administration tools are you familiar with?
  6. If you have prior experience in an administrative role, tell me about it and what you particularly like or appreciated about it.
  7. What aspects of the administrative assistant position do you enjoy or despise?
  8. What motivated you to leave your former position?
  9. What is the most significant contribution an administrative assistant makes to the team?
  10. How quickly can you type and what is your target mistake rate?
  11. Which sort of supervisor drew the best out of you as a former administrative assistant?
  12. Are you an individual worker or a team player?
  13. What is the optimal work schedule for you to perform effectively and efficiently?
  1. Aptitude Test

Effective communication is one of the most critical talents that employees may acquire. Communication is even more critical when it comes to innovation. Employees must be able to communicate their ideas effectively, succinctly, and in a non-technical manner.


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